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 Like mosaics and stained glass windows, we believe that God is a master artist who loves to take pieces of all shapes, colors and sizes to create beautiful things. Likewise, Mosaic Church is a beautiful collection of many people, all from different experiences and walks of life and whom Jesus is calling together on an epic adventure. Come journey with us!  


Mosaic will be a church that is radically loving, radically giving and radically forgiving. 


We will be a people where radical love for God, our neighbors and ourselves will be a core value. While discovering and stewarding the gifts, talents and passions that God has given to each person, we will be a people committed to radical giving back to both our community and our world in the form of dollars and ministries and we will be a people of radical forgiveness and loving compassion as Jesus has demonstrated and commissioned us to be, welcoming all. In short, we will be a mosaic of people forming a colorful picture of diverse elements arranged together forming a beautiful and coherent whole. 


It is our deepest desire to be a church where people from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds and levels of spiritual maturity are welcome with open arms in the name of Jesus, contrary to historical and cultural patterns; a church where spiritual legalism has no place and will be gladly exchanged for the freedom found only in Jesus Christ. People are encouraged to "come as they are," with the full Scriptural understanding and assurance that each person has been made in the image of God and that Jesus Christ calls those broken on the wheels of living and those marginalized from many institutional churches to Himself. 

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